Rethinking New Year's Resolutions: How to Set Achievable Goals in 2019

2019 is just around the corner—another chance to take inventory of the successes and slip-ups of the year prior and to look hopefully at the possibilities of a new year ahead.

While we may be sporting a #1 Fan hat over here when it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, we know that not everyone is as enthusiastic at the chance to set new goals as we are. “I never reach my New Year’s resolutions, so why make them anyways?” you might be asking.

Maybe the reason you’re not reaching your goals is that you’re simply not setting your goals the right way.

5 Inspirational Quotes for When You Need A Serious Boost of Motivation (+ Free Phone Wallpapers!)

You know what would be cool? If we could have our own mini motivational coaches who followed us around 24/7 and offered an encouraging “go get ‘em, tiger!” every time we felt like giving up or were afraid of failure.

But since that’s not the world we live in, we’re offering you an alternative: inspirational quotes from some of our favorite power women that you can save and set as your phone background.

Dallas for the Holidays: 6 Events to Celebrate the Christmas Season

Since you all loved our post of the 7 Fun Fall Events in Dallas (it’s one of our most popular posts on the Dallas Iron Fitness blog!), we thought we’d bring you another Dallas-inspired post.

As the common Lone Star phrase goes, everything is bigger in Texas—and that includes holiday celebrations.

If you’ll be home in Dallas for the holidays, we’ve got your festive plans with these 6 events to celebrate the Christmas season.

12 Minute Holiday Workout You Can Do Anywhere

While the holidays truly are merry and bright, let’s admit it, they can be borderline chaotic too. There’s the holiday parties to attend (need a dish to bring to the potluck? We gotchoo with this post), the gifts to wrap, the road trips to the in-laws’, the reindeer food to make with the kids.

With all the holiday hubbub (albeit fun hubbub!), it can leave little time left for things like exercise.

But we all know the holidays are the last time of the year that we should give up on exercise completely. That’s why Dallas Iron Fitness has your back (and your waistline) with this 12 minute holiday workout that you can do from anywhere, the in-laws’ house included.

5 Easy and Healthy Potluck Recipes for Your Next Holiday Party

‘Tis again the season for planning for holiday parties just about every weekend between now and New Year’s Day (2019, already?!). There’s the outfits to plan, the host & hostess gifts to purchase, and the potluck recipes to pick.

Let us help you out on that last one with these 5 easy and healthy potluck recipes for your next holiday party.

Falling Back: 4 Ways to Adjust to the Fall Time Change

Set yourself a reminder on your phone, because next Sunday, November 4 at 2am marks the beginning of the autumn time change, in which we roll back the clocks an hour to adjust to the shorter sunlight of winter. (“Take it back now y’all…” Cha Cha Slide, anyone?)

The good news: Rolling back the clock means gaining, rather than losing, an hour of sleep (hallelujah!). And contrary to springing ahead, the rate of heart attacks decrease after rolling clocks back an hour.

The bad news: This still affects your body’s circadian rhythm. In fact, a 2001 National Institute of Health study showed that there was “a significant increase in number of accidents on the Sunday of the fall shift.”

Regardless of whether you are springing forward or falling back an hour, it can take the body up to a week to completely adjust to the new time change.

So what are some ways you can prepare your body for the time shift?