15 Minute Morning Workout

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“I have no time for exercise” is our go-to excuse when it comes to fitness.

But there’s no excuses when there’s a work out this quick: just 15 minutes to get your blood flowing before you begin your day. Studies even show that exercise can provide the same I-feel-awake-now benefits as your daily Starbucks caffeine kick. So take a break from that snooze button and make time for this quick 15-minute morning workout.

SQUAT JUMPS  // 1 Minute

Squat down as though you were sitting in a chair. Make sure your knees do not extend past the top of your toes. Jump straight up; when your feet land back on the ground, return directly to your squat. Continue for one minute.


Start in plank position. Utilizing your core, pull your right knee to your chest. Return right foot to plank position. Repeat action with left leg. Continue this, remaining in plank position, for one minute.

PUSH UPS // 1 Minute

A minute of push-ups. You got this, girl! Ensure your elbows remain tucked in for a good tricep challenge.

SIT UPS // 1 Minute

Do one minute of sit ups. Another basic exercise that strengthens your core!

REST // 1 Minute

Take a breath, babe. You’re doing great!

Now repeat these reps two more times, for a total of 3 rounds of each exercise.

And what’s a workout without some tunes to pump you up?

Wake up with this 15-minute workout every morning, and see how good you begin to feel!

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