3 Healthy Game Day Snacks

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September 22 may have marked the first day of fall, but for football fans, the real first day of fall was September 7: the official start of football season.

But game day foods can easily derail your healthy-eating habits: buffalo wings, chips and dip, burgers… oh man.

What if you could enjoy game day foods without overindulging in empty calories that leave you feeling sluggish and bloated? YES, PLEASE.

Here’s a roundup of 3 recipes perfect for (healthy) game day snacking.

1. Skinny Texas Cheese Fries // Skinnytaste

This recipe from Skinnytaste for baked cheese fries will satisfy your cravings for cheesy goodness without the 1,000 calorie count that you’d find at a sports bar. Go ahead, indulge in the cheese without overindulging in the calories.

2. Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip // Recipe Runner

What’s a football game without buffalo chicken dip? Is that even a thing? This recipe lightens up the traditional buffalo chicken dip, making it possible to have your cake (uh, dip) and eat it too. Check it out.

3. Kale Chips // Fit Mitten Kitchen

I know, I know, to those uninitiated into the kale chip club, the idea of kale chips can seem a little absurd, like, you want me to eat a KALE chip instead of, you know, an actual chip? I get it. I thought that too until I tried a homemade kale chip for the first time and realized HOLY HELL these are good. So go ahead, try ‘em before you knock ‘em. This recipe from Fit Mitten Kitchen is the perfect crispy complement to your game day menu.


Game day is a busy day, especially with cooking thrown in. It can be easy to let your exercise routine slide that day; I have no time today, you might reason. OH, BUT YOU DO—with our quick 15 minute morning workout.

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