5 Ways to Prepare for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is the only holiday that revolves entirely around a shared meal. But actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to fear Thanksgiving—we have some tips to help you enjoy your day!

1. Eat a healthy breakfast.

Skipping breakfast to save all your calorie intake for Thanksgiving dinner? Bad idea. Not only does breakfast boast of numerous health benefits, but going all day with a stomach screaming “GIMME ALLLLL THE FOOD” sets you up for overindulging once dinner rolls around. Curb this by beginning your day with a healthy breakfast of whole grains, protein, and fruit. So say no to cinnamon rolls and yes to avocado toast or oatmeal with fruit and nut toppings to start your day the right way.

2. Stay hydrated.

Turkey, dressing, casseroles on casseroles on casseroles: all heavy on sodium. Too much sodium can bloat you and make you feel sluggish. Prepare yourself for this once-a-year salt attack by staying hydrated throughout the day. According to this article from LiveStrong, “Water is a diuretic, so it triggers your body to remove excess water and flush sodium from your digestive system.” Keep a cute water bottle handy throughout the day and stay sipping on that water, aiming to get in at least 8 glasses. Your body will thank you.

3. Get a workout in.

Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean you should skip your daily exercise. Let your exercise be festive by participating in your city’s Turkey Trot! Gather some friends and start your day with a fun 5k.

If your city doesn’t offer a Thanksgiving 5k or that’s not your thing, we’ve got you covered with this quick 15 minute morning workout.

4. Enjoy your meal WITHOUT guilting yourself.

It’s only once a year that you can enjoy some of THE most delicious home-cooked foods—dressing and casseroles and turkey and gravy and pie. Let yourself enjoy this deliciousness WITHOUT shaming yourself. Just remember portion control, and eat slowly to savor each amazing bite. When you feel full, say no to additional portions. It’s all about moderation! So put that shaming voice in your head to rest and dig in, knowing that this one meal will NOT throw your healthy habits off indefinitely.

5. Go on a walk after dinner.

Thanksgiving is about reveling in time spent with loved ones. Get your friends and family together, and go for a post-dinner walk around the neighborhood or nearby park. You’ll feel better, both from moving your body and spending time with those you love.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Dallas Iron Fitness! We are grateful for all of you!

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