Baby, It's Cold Outside: The Perfect At Home Workout

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With temps dropping and the sun setting before you even leave your 9-to-5, who wants to actually leave your cozy home to go to the gym? Um, no thanks.

That’s why we’ve put together this workout for you that can be done at home, so you don’t have to bundle up and brave the cold to get in your workout for the day. Now the cold isn’t an excuse for skipping your workout!

Note: With each of these circuits, you’ll do as many rounds of reps as you can fit within the 8 minute span. So have your timer handy!

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CIRCUIT 1 // 8 Minutes

4 Stair Runs

This one requires a flight of stairs: run and up and down 4 times.

No stairs in your home? Try running in place instead.

20 Mountain Climbers

Start in high plank position (balancing on your hands, not your elbows). Utilizing your core, pull your right knee to your chest. Return right foot to plank position. Repeat action with left leg. Do 20 of these.

20 Plank Walks

Plank walks involve alternating between high plank and low plank. Begin in high plank with arms extended and weight on your hands (make sure these are directly below your shoulders). Lower yourself--one arm at a time--into low plank, resting on your elbows. Then, return to high plank position, one arm at a time. Do 20 of these, reversing each arm that initiates the transition between low and high plank.

[1 minute break]

CIRCUIT 2 // 8 Minutes

6 Squat Jumps

Squat down as though you were sitting in a chair. Make sure your knees do not extend past the top of your toes. Jump straight up; when your feet land back on the ground, return directly to your squat. Continue for 20 seconds.

8 Bear Crawl

A bear crawl is like the name: you’re crawling a li’l bit like a bear. You’ll be on your hands and feet (not your knees) crawling forward. The important thing is to remember to step forward with the opposite hand and foot. For example: if you’re moving your right arm forward, you’ll be step forward with your left foot.

10 Push-Ups

The classic push-up: do 10 of these.

[1 minute break]

CIRCUIT 3 // 8 Minutes

20 Running in Place

Alrighty, here’s a simple one: run in place, 20 steps.

20 Front Lunges

Step forward with your right foot, coming into a 90-degree angle lunge. Do not let your right knee go beyond your toes. Your left knee will hover just above the ground, but will not touch it. Push your right heel into the ground as you return to standing. Remember to keep your shoulders back and core engaged.

Do 20 of these, alternating between each leg stepping forward.

10 Plank + Front Arm Raise + Leg Lift

Time to seriously challenge your core! Begin in low plank position with weight on your elbows. Raise your right arm straight in front of you and (at the same time!) extend your left leg behind you so that your body is in a straight line. Return to original plank position, then reverse: raise your left arm while extending your right left behind you. Repeat for 10 reps.

YOU DID IT. Now treat yourself to some hot cocoa and your favorite Christmas movie to complete your cozy night in.

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