Do This Instead: 4 Keys to Meeting Your New Year's Resolutions

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Does anyone else get absolute giddy over New Year’s resolutions?! There’s something so refreshing and hopeful about looking at a new calendar year and dreaming up all the ways you can finally become the person you’ve always wanted to come. But, as the cycle tends to go each year, come the second week of January, most of those lofty goals we’ve created for ourselves are choked out by the mundane routine and small worries of daily life.

Another year of resolutions made, another year of resolutions unmet.

But it’s time to write a different story for our 2018.

At Dallas Iron Fitness, we know that health is often part of your New Year’s goals, and so we’re here with 4 key tips to help you actually meet your New Year’s resolutions this year.


When we create a huge goal for our year, like “lose 50 lbs,” we can easily become overwhelmed by the weight (pun intended) of such a goal. And this sets you up for failure.


Instead of creating massive weight loss goals or general resolutions (like “exercise more”) this year, make small goals instead. For example, break your goals down into weekly increments, like “try a yoga class 2x a week” or “walk/jog 3x a week.” You're more likely to reach smaller goals like these, which will give you a sense of accomplishment and encourage you to continue working toward these goals.


It happens (lookin’ at you, people who have successfully completed Whole 30), but rarely does resolving to cut out an entire part of your diet work in the long run. Like we mentioned above, creating large goals like “cut out all sugar” doesn't often lead to success. It’s all about creating healthy habits by gradually making changes.


Pick one thing a month you want to minimize in your diet rather than a whole list of items at once. Do you rely a little too much on empty processed foods to get you through your mid-morning hunger pangs, like chips and crackers from your office’s vending machine? Trust us, we get it.

Instead of cutting out snacks entirely, look for ways that you can incorporate a healthy option, like bringing your fave fruit or veggie (we’re partial to sliced bell peppers) to munch on while you crunch those numbers in that Excel report. By substituting a healthy option at least 80% of the time, you’re treating your body to the nutrients it needs while giving yourself space to (occasionally) choose those Lay’s chips instead.


Have you ever messed up on one of your goals and thought, “I messed up today. I’m not capable of reaching these goals anyways. Why did I think this year would be any different?” But berating yourself for not perfectly meeting your goals sends you into a shame spiral that, rather than motivating you to continue working toward those goals, convinces you to give up.

Real talk: we’re human beings, and being a human means you will mess up. To the perfectionists among us, this is a hard fact to face, but accepting that your journey to reaching your goals will be filled with mistakes and slip-ups gives you the freedom to pick yourself up when you do inevitably mess up.


So you missed your workout class because you wanted to get queso and margs with friends? Not a big deal; schedule it for another day this week. So you forgot your veggies at home and had Dorito’s at work instead? Not the end of the world; just set aside time tonight to have them sliced and ready to go in the morning. When that perfectionist voice in you tries to convince you that since you messed up, you should give up, counteract it with some encouraging self-talk instead: “I’m human. I’m not perfect. But I will try again tomorrow, and I will reach my goals.”

Write yourself an encouraging mantra or find a quote on Pinterest (P.S. do you follow us?!) that you can rely on when you begin to feel guilty for slipping up or incapable of reaching your goals. Having trouble writing your mantra? Think of it like this: what would you say to a friend who is struggling with keeping their goals after messing up? You’d say something encouraging, wouldn’t you? Why can’t you offer yourself that same encouragement?


Often, we go it alone at our goals. We might do this because our goals are personal to us, and it doesn’t occur to us to share them with others. Or, we may fear that by sharing them with others, we’ll be embarrassed if we don’t reach those goals.

But according to a study done by The American Society of Training and Development, you are 65% more likely to achieve a goal if you are being held accountable for it by someone else. Sixty-five percent, y’all! And, get this, you are 95% more likely to achieve your goals if you have specific appointments with a person holding you accountable.


So tell a trusted friend or family member your goals and ask them to hold you accountable; create specific times to check in with one another, sharing both your achievements and your slip-ups and encouraging one another to continue.

And for your health goals, we’re here to help partner with you to guide you meeting your New Year’s resolutions this year. With in-person and online fitness training, partnerships with Advocare and Simply Fit Meals, we are the accountability partner you need for 2018.

Get ready for the new year with our help!

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