12 Minute Holiday Workout You Can Do Anywhere

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While the holidays truly are merry and bright, let’s admit it, they can be borderline chaotic too. There’s the holiday parties to attend (need a dish to bring to the potluck? We gotchoo with this post), the gifts to wrap, the road trips to the in-laws’, the reindeer food to make with the kids.


With all the holiday hubbub (albeit fun hubbub!), it can leave little time left for things like exercise.

But we all know the holidays are the last time of the year that we should give up on exercise completely. That’s why Dallas Iron Fitness has your back (and your waistline) with this 12 minute holiday workout that you can do from anywhere, the in-laws’ house included.

20 Seconds // Plank Walks

A plank walk doesn’t mean crawling around in plank formation. Instead, it means alternating between high plank and low plank!

  • Begin in high plank with arms extended and hands directly below your shoulders.

  • Lower yourself—one arm at a time—into low plank, resting on your elbows.

  • Return to high plank, one arm at a time.

  • As you move between low and high plank, reverse each arm that initiates the transition between the two for each new repetition of the movement.

Do 20 seconds of plank walks.


20 Seconds // Full Squats

  • Begin by placing your feet a little further than shoulder-length apart.

  • Squat down as though you are sitting in a chair, trying to get your hips to knee height.

  • Make sure your knees do not extend past the top of your toes and keep your back flat.

  • If you can get your squat lower than knee height—that’s great!—but if not, just aim for knee height.

  • Once you are in the proper squat position, straighten up to standing position.

  • Then quickly return again to a squat.


20 Seconds // Single Leg Back Lunge (Right Leg)

This is like a traditional lunge, but reversed. For this movement, focus only on lunging back with your RIGHT leg, rather than alternating between legs.

  • Step back with your right foot, coming into a 90-degree angle lunge. Do not let your left knee go beyond your toes.

  • Push your left foot into the ground as you come back to standing.

  • Repeat the lunge again, stepping again back with your right foot.

  • Continue lunging back with your right leg for 20 seconds.


20 Seconds // Single Leg Back Lunge (Left Leg)

Repeat the same movement as above, this time with your left leg.


20 Seconds // Push Ups

We all remember the classic push up from elementary school P.E. class, right?

Do 20 seconds of push ups.


20 Seconds // Plank Alternating Shoulder Taps

  • Begin in high plank position—weight on your palms, arms extended directly below your shoulders.

  • Bending your elbow, bring your right hand up from the ground to tap your left shoulder, then lower your hand back into original plank position.

  • Repeat this motion, only with your left hand tapping your right shoulder.

Do 20 seconds of Plank Alternating Shoulder Taps!



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Head into the holidays with a newfound focus on a healthier you! (Yes, holidays and health can go together.)

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