5 Inspirational Quotes for When You Need A Serious Boost of Motivation (+ Free Phone Wallpapers!)

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You know what would be cool? If we could have our own mini motivational coaches who followed us around 24/7 and offered an encouraging “go get ‘em, tiger!” every time we felt like giving up or were afraid of failure.

But since that’s not the world we live in, we’re offering you an alternative: inspirational quotes from some of our favorite power women that you can save and set as your phone background. Anytime you need a boost of motivation because your own determination is seriously lacking, you can just take a look at your phone background and feel amped up!

(Almost as good as a mini motivational coach, right?)

Here are 5 inspirational quotes for when you need a serious boost of motivation (+ free phone wallpapers)!

For when you think, “I could never, ever, ever, ever do that workout.”

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“Limit your ‘always’ and your ‘nevers’.” -- Amy Poehler

For when you fail to reach your monthly/yearly health goal and think you might as well give up.

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“A champion is defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fall.” -- Serena Williams

For when you wonder why the heck you’re putting effort into a healthy lifestyle at all.

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“Motivation comes from working on things we care about.” -- Sheryl Sandberg

For when you think, “Yeah, there’s no way I can reach that goal.”

DIF Quote Eleanor Roosevelt.png

“You must do the things you think you cannot do.” -- Eleanor Roosevelt

For when you need some direction.

DIF Quote Reese Witherspoon.png

“With the right kind of coaching and determination you can accomplish anything.” -- Reese Witherspoon

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Merry Christmas from all of us at Dallas Iron Fitness! We hope you’re able to take time this season to celebrate what matters: your friends, family, and the causes you are passionate about.