3 Questions to Ask When Creating Your Fitness Routine

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Dallas Iron Fitness exists to help you reach your goals, and nothing tells that story better than our own clients. Give a hearty welcome to our new Client Chat blog series!

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And give an even heartier welcome to our client, Stephanie, who has been training with us for 6 months! She’s a 25 year old full-time professional and full-time grad school student living in Dallas, Texas with a baller work ethic and incredibly welcoming and generous heart.

She talked to us about why Heart Health Month is so important to her and more, plus she offers 3 questions to ask when creating your fitness routine.

1. What does Heart Health Month mean to you?

Heart Health Month is very important to me. I love that there's an entire month to raise awareness for heart health—it should be a year-round effort! Both sides of my family have had a variety of cardiac issues—high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke—but, it really hit home when my dad suffered a heart attack in 2016.

Because of his overall incredible health, he has had a full recovery and is doing well. But it was in that moment that I realized we aren't invincible and genetics can't always be defied. Knowing I'm genetically predisposed to heart issues, I am taking the steps now to make sure I am the healthiest I can be and focusing on what's most important—being healthy over just constantly striving to be "skinny." Healthy looks different on each person, and I'm fully embracing that to work toward being my best, healthiest, and strongest version of myself.

2. What is your fitness routine like? What would you tell someone who is currently trying to find a fitness routine that works for them?

I love distance running, but to excel with running it's important to maintain an equal focus cross training and recovery. For cross training, my trainer Jason Mulvaney with Dallas Iron Fitness sends me weekly workouts to do at my own gym on my own time. The online programming fits my busy lifestyle because I can manipulate the time and location of the workouts to fit my schedule, so I really have no excuse to miss a workout. What I love the most about the workouts is the variety—each workout is different so I enjoy the new challenge and never get bored.

Finding a fitness routine that works for me has been a seemingly constant search, as my schedule and commitments are always changing.

What I think has been most important for me is recognizing as life changes so do my fitness priorities, and in order to stay on track with my goals, my routine needs to adapt to fit my lifestyle.

For someone looking to create a fitness routine, there are several questions to first ask yourself:

1) What types of workout activities do you enjoy? And what types of workout activities do you dislike? If you dislike it, don't sign up for it because you won't commit.

2) What is crucial in your fitness routine to guarantee commitment? What are your top 3 must-haves for a fitness regimen to work?

For example, there have been times in my life where it was most important for me to feel a sense of community, a regular schedule, and face-to-face accountability to truly commit to a fitness routine; now that I am a full-time graduate student and working full-time, my top priority is to have a flexible schedule, workouts that aren't mundane, a sense of accountability, reasonable cost and something that pairs well with distance running.

Dallas Iron Fitness online programming has helped me accomplish all of my top fitness priorities.

The online programming allows me to workout on my own time with a new workout each time, but there is a sense of accountability with the programming as you are to mark once you've completed the workout and comment on the exercises (I like to comment rep and weight count so I can track my progress and so can my online coach, Jason).

3) What has gotten in your way of committing to a fitness routine in the past? How will this new journey be different and a long-term commitment?

3. What are your health priorities? What's been your biggest fitness success?

My top health priority is just that—to be healthy. Inner health is what's most important to me, and strength is right up there in the #2 spot. Feeling physically strong helps me feel mentally strong, and when those two feelings unite I feel I can take on anything. My biggest fitness success to date was running my first sub 2:30 half marathon this past fall!

4. How has Dallas Iron Fitness helped you in reaching your fitness goals?

My previously mentioned sub 2:30 half marathon was my first half marathon I ran after implementing cross training from Dallas Iron Fitness! I actually didn't think I was prepared for the race because life got busy (shocker, right?), and I spent more time doing cross training workouts than long distance running while I was training for the race. To my surprise, the cross training helped me shave 8 minutes from my previous PR half marathon time, and I give full credit to Dallas Iron Fitness for giving me the tools to accomplish that!

In addition to the workouts, Dallas Iron Fitness introduced me to Advocare supplements and SimplyFit Meals. With the right workouts, supplements and nutrition, I have been able to exceed my all of my recent fitness goals!

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