Get Swimsuit Ready In Just 26 Minutes

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Okay, so maybe we just had a cold snap and had to pull out the jackets that we had so confidently put in storage three weeks ago (give it a break, Winter, it’s April now). But carrying us through Winter’s last-ditch effort to freeze us out are our dreams of summer soon to come: barbecues and sunshine and long days at the lake. Yes, yes, and yes again.

Even though summer is still technically a couple months away, we can put in the work now to get swimsuit ready for that long-awaited trip to the beach!

For this workout, you’ll need:

  • Water

  • Towel

  • Stopwatch (or the timer on your phone)

  • Yoga mat

  • Bench or chair (if a bench or chair isn’t available, the Tricep Dips can still be done from the floor)

>> A workout FAQ: “What’s AMRAP?” That means “as many reps as possible.” So when you complete all of the exercises in one circuit with time still remaining on the clock, you’ll repeat the circuit, trying to fit in as many reps as you can within that timeframe (in the case of this swimsuit ready workout: 8 minutes).

This 26 minute workout to get you swimsuit ready is GUARANTEED to work up a sweat!


A. CIRCUIT 1 // 8 Minute AMRAP

1. 10 Squat Jumps

Let’s begin with a little work on those glutes, shall we? Squats are like sitting in a chair, minus the chair, of course.

  • Begin by placing your feet a little further than shoulder-length apart. Squat down, trying to get your hips to knee height. Make sure your knees do not extend past the top of your toes and keep your back flat. If you can get your squat lower than knee height—that’s great!—but if not, just aim for knee height. The more squats you do, the stronger your glutes will be, so don’t be down on yourself if these are difficult for you at first. It’s all about building up your strength!

  • Once you are in the proper squat position, jump straight up; when your feet land back on the ground, return directly to your original squat position.

Do 10 Squat Jumps.

2. 10 Elbow Plank + Leg Lifts

Now onto some core work!

  • Begin in low plank position with weight on your elbows (rather than the palms of your hands).

  • Extend your left leg behind you until you are creating a straight line from your head to your left foot.

  • Lower your left leg, returning to original plank position.

  • Now reverse: lift your right leg behind you.

Do 10 Leg Lifts.

3. 15 Tricep Dips

Now we’ll move on to toning your arms. For this one, you can use a bench, a chair, or even from the floor. For instructional purposes below, we’ll be using a chair. Be aware of your posture in this—you’ll want shoulders rolled back and chest open; do not sink into your shoulders, but keep head and neck straight and shoulders rolled back throughout the entire movement.

  • Place hands directly below your shoulders onto the chair.

  • Legs will be bent at a 90 degree angle in front of you, as though you are sitting in the chair. However, only your hands will be using the chair for support. Your butt will be just in front of the chair. If you want more of a challenge, you can extend your legs straight in front of you rather than bent.

  • You’ll bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle, lowering your hips to hover above the floor. Be sure that your elbows are doing the bending—your hips should remain static (aka it’s not your hips that are doing the work in this movement, but your arms).

  • Exhale and straighten back to starting position.

Complete 15 Tricep Dips.

4. 20 Plank Side-to-Side Hops

So here’s a fun twist on the traditional plank: introducing movement to further challenge your core.

  • Begin in elbow plank.

  • Hop (yes, hop!) both legs to your left. Your elbows will remain grounded; your core will be doing all the work in this.

  • Hop back to the center.

  • Hop to the right.

  • Hop back to center.

Easier said than done, isn’t it? But just think how strong you’re going to feel at the beach this summer!

Do 20 Plank Side-to-Side Hops.

>> Time still left on the clock? Return to the start and complete these exercises again!

[1 Minute Rest]

How do you feel?! You’re doing great! Pause for 1 minute to catch your breath, drink some water, and get ready for another 8 minute round of building your muscles!

B. CIRCUIT 2 // 8 Minute AMRAP

1. 20 Plank Side-to-Side Hops

Starting off again with the same Plank Side-to-Side Hops as above! YOU CAN DO IT, PROMISE.

Complete 20 of these.

2. 15 Touchdowns

The key to this one is speed: you want to feel your legs burning! Do these as quickly as possible, keeping your eyes up and level in front of you.

  • Begin standing tall with feet together.

  • Jump into a squat, bringing your left hand to touch the ground with the tip of your fingers.

  • Jump back into standing position.

  • Repeat the same movement, this time using your right hand to touch the ground. Reverse which hand touches the ground with each squat.

Do 15 Touchdowns.

3. 20 Plank Jacks

A plank jack is what you might be guessing: the movement of a jumping jack buuuut in plank form. ‘Ayoooo, let's do it.

  • Begin in plank on your elbows.

  • Now hop both legs apart—yep, like a jumping jack.

  • Hop legs back together.

  • Repeat.

Do 20 Plank Jacks.

>> Time still left on the clock? Repeat the exercises in this circuit!

[1 Minute Rest]

Another 1 minute rest. Only one more 8 minute circuit to go—you’re going to feel SO good after this!

C. CIRCUIT 3 // 8 Minute AMRAP

For this final 8 minutes, you’ll be laying on the ground. A yoga mat will be comfortable for your back if you’re doing this on a hard surface.

1. 20 Crunches

  • Lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor (the same position as if you were doing sit-ups). Knees can be hip distance or together—that’s up to you.

  • Lace your fingers together behind your head.

  • Tighten your abs and crunch up. The movement is a small one: unlike a full sit-up, you will only be lifting your shoulders from the ground.

Do 20 Crunches.

2. 15 Lying Leg Lifts

  • Lie flat on your back with legs extended.

  • Engaging your core, lift both legs together as far up as your flexibility will allow; the goal is to have your legs up at a 90 degree angle in relation to your body.

  • Lower your legs back to the floor.

  • Repeat.

Do 15 Lying Leg Lifts.

3. 20 Sit Ups

  • You’ll begin in the same position as crunches: on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, knees hip distance apart or together, fingers laced together behind your head.

  • Using your ab muscles, lift yourself up completely until your entire back is off the floor.

  • Lower back down and repeat.

Do 20 Sit Ups.

>> Time still left on the clock? Complete these exercises again!


Feeling strong as hell, right?! Keep doing this workout 2-3 times a week, and you’ll notice that the movements will become easier as your body gets stronger. And that’s the goal for any workout that we share with you at Dallas Iron Fitness: not that you’ll reach some society-defined standard of what “beauty” is, but that YOU will feel confident and strong in the body that is unique to you.

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Nothing is hotter than confidence in who you already are. And when you feel strong in the body that is uniquely yours, you exude confidence.

It’s time to CELEBRATE the body you’ve been given! Dallas Iron Fitness can help you build your confidence and your strength through our in-person and online fitness training programs and local Dallas fitness classes.

So let’s get strong and build confidence, together.