The Ultimate Workout to Build Your Core

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Summer officially begins in 38 days, but who’s counting? (Us. We’re counting.)

At Dallas Iron Fitness, we’ve been prepping for all things summer: lake days, trips to the beach, laying out by the pool, planning for barbeques and wine nights now that the days are long and the sun is out. Insert the praise hands emoji here because WE LOVE SUMMER.

Naturally, we also love a good workout that gets us ready for swimsuit season. Today we’re bringing you a workout to build your core. Grab a towel, bottle of water, and get ready to sweat it out with this core workout!

20 Alternating Plank Knee to Elbow

Start strong by starting in full plank position. Bring your left knee to your left elbow, tightening your core as you do so. Return to plank position. Repeat this motion, but with your right knee this time. Do 20 plank knee to elbow, alternating between each leg.

20 Controlled Bicycle

Lay on your back, bringing one of your legs into your chest, and extending the opposite leg out straight. Core is engaged, head slightly raised off the ground. With your legs, mimic the bicycle motion, extending the leg next to your chest out and bringing in the opposite leg. Remember to keep your abs tight! Do 20 controlled bicycles.

20 Toe Touches

Let’s take it up a notch with some toe touches. Begin in a seated position, shifting back so that you’re on your “sit bone.” Lengthen legs, back, and arms so that your body is in a V shape. Arms will be at a 45 angle in front of you, NOT directly over your head. Reach down with your arms and up with your legs so that they touch. Range of motion will depend entirely on you--you can bring your legs all the way down to the ground before bringing them back up so that your hands touch them, OR you can stay closer to the V shape you began in. The important thing to remember is to KEEP YOUR CORE ENGAGED for the entirety of this! Do 20 toe touches.

20 Folder Chairs

The Folder Chairs move begins in the same position as Toe Touches: you are on your “sit bone” with your body in a V shape. However, this time, your legs are extended straight in front of you, lifted slightly above the ground so only your sit bone is touching it. You will then bring your knees into your chest, tightening your core as you do so. Extend your legs out again. Repeat for 20 Folder Chairs.

20 Russian Twist with Leg Extension

Begin seated again, shifted back on your sit bone. Knees are bent, your feet raised slightly above the ground. Lean back slightly so that you’re on your sit bone. Clasp hands together close to your core. Now twist slightly to the left, extending the opposite leg when you twist. Return to middle position. Repeat, alternating between sides and legs. Do 20 Russian twists with leg extension.

20 Alternating Plank Knee to Opposite Elbow

We’ll end almost as we started, this time bringing each elbow to the OPPOSITE knee. Do 20 alternating plank knee to opposite elbow.

Take a drink of water, babe!

Then get ready to repeat. You’ll do a total of 3 circuits of these 6 reps, taking a 1 minute break between each circuit.


Treat yo’self to something relaxing for finishing this workout, like a float in the pool or fresh-pressed juice. It’s a toughie, but you’ll feel SO AMAZING each time you complete it!

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