Live Like A Trainer: Meet Dallas Iron Fitness Founder, Kaitlyn Gannon

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What does a day in the life of a fitness trainer look like? Look no further—we’ve got answers for you, dear reader.

Introducing a new series to the Dallas Iron Fitness blog: Live Like A Trainer.

In it, we’ll introduce you to the trainers behind Dallas Iron Fitness, sharing with you how they spend their days, how they stay motivated, and more.

Learn from the people who have made fitness their living!

In today’s post, meet Kaitlyn Gannon, M.S., NSCA-CSCS, the founder of Dallas Iron Fitness.

1. What does a typical day look like for you?

My alarm goes off at 4:40 am and then it’s straight to my Nespresso machine for coffee. My first client appointment is at 5:30am, so I fuel up with AdvoCare Spark, and then it’s client appointments through noon. In between training sessions, you’ll probably find me at Royal Blue Grocery having a Café Au Lait (almond milk, please).

During mid-day and afternoon, I’m catching up on emails, phone calls, and building the business side of Dallas Iron Fitness.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and some Saturdays, we are hosting events! Follow us on Instagram to see all of our Yoga and Core events!

By 9 pm, I’m in bed, so don’t text me.

2. Do you have any self-care practices that you do at the end of the day to unwind?

My husband and I will go on walks through downtown Dallas, catching up on our days and communicating our stresses to one another. We are each other’s biggest support system, and everything Dallas Iron Fitness has become—and is becoming—is because of his support.

3. You motivate people to meet their fitness goals for a living. But how do YOU stay motivated with your own health goals?

After five knee surgeries (yes, five! I was a college athlete and completed a half Ironman), you won’t find me running long distances, heavy weight-lifting, or Olympic lifting. My motivation is definitely long-term: I incorporate fitness and nutrition into my life so I can be there for my future children when they need me. I want to travel and be able to explore without the ailments that come from the lack of a healthy lifestyle. My husband and family deserve my best self, and so do I!

4. Do you have any personal mantras, quotes, or mission statements that motivate you to stay healthy?

  • “Believe in yourself and never quit. The rest will come.”
  • “Quality over quantity.”—The trainers at Dallas Iron Fitness (myself included) NEVER believe in mediocrity.

5. What’s your favorite part about being a fitness trainer?

The relationships I have with my clients—we are a service industry, and trainers should have an investment in their clients’ health. I take every client seriously; my goal is to give them my BEST self as a trainer, offering education and respect to help them reach their fitness goals. Every client holds a special place in my heart, from when I began training to now.

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Do you have a list of health goals that you’d like to accomplish “one day”?

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