Our 4 Favorite Fitness Apps

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How many of us have sat on the couch scrolling through Instagram only to realize 30 minutes have passed and we’re three years deep into stalking our ex’s new boo?

C’mon, we’ve all been there, sucked into the black hole that is social media apps.

While yes, our phones can hinder us from healthy habits (think of all the things you could have been doing during your 30-minute stalking sesh), they can also be used as helpful tools to keep us on track with our health goals.

Below are our 4 favorite fitness apps.

1. My Fitness Pal

Keep track of your daily calorie intake with My Fitness Pal, a handy app that allows you to track with its database of over 5 million foods (who knew there even was 5 million foods in the first place?!). You’ll also be able to set goals, connect other fitness apps, track your steps, chart your progress, connect with friends for accountability, and more! It’s like your own fitness journal, right in your pocket.

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2. Map My Run

Runners of the world, this one is for you. Map My Run lets you—wait for it—map your run. Not only can you map and track your run in your app (and so much more), but you can also look up routes nearby, making your morning run while visiting a new city crazy easy! You can also connect with friends and others on the app to provide that little extra motivation you may need!


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3. Nike Training Club

Sometimes we need some fresh workout ideas, and the Nike Training Club app gives us a variety of workouts to choose from! We also love that each workout comes with a video to accompany it, hosted by celebrity athletes (we see you, Serena Williams).


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4. Peloton App

Have you heard of the Peloton Bike?! It’s a stationary bike BUT with a video component that allows you to stream live classes from the Peloton NYC studio. So it’s like you’re in a Cycling class--but without leaving your home. COUNT US IN. The Peloton App allows you to stream up to 14 live rides daily, as well as access more than 8,000 on-demand classes. So get your stationary bike ready (any stationary bike will do), and get started enjoying cycling classes from the comfort of your own home!

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