Top 5 Favorite Dallas Restaurants

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We know not all of our blog readers and fitness clients are local to Dallas (hello to our online fitness clients!), but we love our city and definitely love the food you can find here. Dallas is full of delicious restaurants of all flavors, so we decided an ode to the amazing flavors you can find in Dallas deserved a spot on the Dallas Iron Fitness blog. We sourced suggestions from some Dallas Iron Fitness team members on favorite places for some healthy and treat-yo’self meals.

Below are our top 5 favorite Dallas restaurant, perfect for a weekend brunch, Friday night date, or Tuesday night dinner with friends! Add these to your list of must-eat restaurants in Dallas!


“Good vibes. Good music. Good atmosphere. Good beer. Your taqueria.”

That’s how Cinco Taco on Walnut Hill describes itself, and can we get a yes and yes and yes and yes to all of that? You’ve heard us say in our recipe posts on the blog how much we love our Mexican, and so we’re always looking for a good place to enjoy tacos and margs with friends after a long day of work. Really, is there anything better than that? Our guess is no.

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Our Dallas Iron Fitness founder, Kaitlyn Gannon, recently visited Cinco Taco to give their menu a try, and let us tell you, we will be back. We started with the Jalapeño Strawberry Margarita and can definitely recommend the same to you: you will not regret the sweet and spicy mix of marg!

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Then it was on to the tacos, and they were truly taco-tastic (too much?). Cinco Taco touts itself as “fresh food prepared from scratch every day,” and this definitely shows. The shrimp ceviche was one of the best tacos we’ve had… can we eat this every meal, please? The skirt steak taco was another favorite, with the steak cooked just perfectly inside their homemade corn tortillas. And if you’re looking for something light but with tons of flavor, try the baja fish tacos—these were so fresh, it’s like they could have come straight from the sea that day. And for guests with diet restrictions, the Cinco Taco staff can refine its dishes to suit your restrictions!

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For dessert, try their corn cake—it’s like a sweet cornbread that melts in your mouth!

We loved the food, but their service is noteworthy as well, from the manager stopping by our table to the waitstaff being vigilant about food coming to us in proper time.

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We loved Cinco Taco, and we think you will too!



Do you ever just crave a fresh salad, one with crisp greens and crumbly feta and all the veggies your heart desires? Same. That’s why we love Eatzis Market & Bakery—they have the best salad setup that allows you to build your own salad: choose your greens, toppings, and dressing, then enjoy! But if you’re not in a salad mood, Eatzis still has plenty to choose from, like a breakfast menu, sandwiches, sushi, pastries, artisanal bread and more!



“A toast to Italy” is how Taverna describes itself and yep, we’re all about enjoying a delicious Italian dish. We highly recommend adding this spot to your weekend brunch list—whether you’re in the mood for an omelette or pasta or a salad or a treat yo’self meal of their vanilla French toast with mascarpone and fresh fruit (HELLO DELICIOUSNESS), you really can’t go wrong with Taverna. And if brunch isn’t your thing, give it a go for lunch, drinks, dinner, or dessert! And holla to the gluten-free pasta options for those who have Celiac, allergies, or simply choose to live life sans gluten!

“My wife and I love to run at White Rock Lake, or right there at the Katy Trail and then get a mimosa with brunch there,” says one of our Dallas Iron Fitness trainers Mitch Lazorko.



Continuing our Italian roll, our next Dallas restaurant favorite is Americano, located downtown next to The Joule hotel. This is a place you go to treat yo’self (‘cuz let’s be real, you have to try their nutella donuts during brunch). As trainer Mitch Lazorko put it, “We eat pretty healthy throughout the week and prepare most of our meals at home, so it’s nice to go to restaurant on the weekends and eat a more guilt-free meal after some exercise.”



HG SPLY is a Dallas restaurant favorite of Dallas Iron Fitness trainer, Shane Wrigley. With locations in both Dallas and Fort Worth, the restaurant began in the humblest of ways: “Four regular guys wanted a spot to gather, tell big stories, enjoy a good drink and celebrate their victories. They wanted to create a place that served natural, wholesome foods defined not by trends or by labels, but by truth.”

Food defined by truth? That’s definitely something we can get behind.

The HG SPLY menus feature appetizers like street corn avocado toast (this is on our must-try list), a range of salads, burgers, and sandwiches, with particular emphasis on its extensive variety of House Bowls, like Jalapeno Bratwurst or The Yellow Curry.

For all our g-free babes and dudes out there, HG SPLY offers gluten free bun substitutes, so you can finally treat yo’self to a delicious burger out!


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