Your 20 Minute Wedding Prep Workout

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September and October are two out of the three most popular wedding months of the year—and yep, they’re just around the corner. (The anticipation!!!)

Are you a fall bride using this summer to get in shape so you can feel your best walking down the aisle? Our very own Dallas Iron Fitness founder, Kaitlyn Gannon, got married earlier this year, so she’s offering you this 20 minute wedding prep workout to help you ladies get wedding ready!

We recommend incorporating this workout into your fitness routine 3 - 5 times per week leading up to your wedding week!

A quick reminder: AMRAP means “as many reps as possible.” Each circuit is 10 minutes—once you complete the reps listed, you’ll repeat these same reps as many times as possible in that 10 minute window!


5 Burpees

We’re starting our workout strong with 5 burpees—guaranteed to work up a sweat!

Begin in a standing position, feet shoulder-distance apart. Begin your burpee by bending down, placing your hands on the ground, and kicking out your legs, as if you are in high plank. Then, do a pushup. When you come up from the pushup, jump your feet forward between your hands. Using this momentum, proceed to jump straight up, your hands over your head as you do so. When your feet return to the ground, you’ve completed one burpee; immediately move into a second burpee.

Do 5 burpees.

10 Squats

Begin by placing your feet a little further than shoulder-length apart. Squat down as though you are sitting in a chair, trying to get your hips to knee height. Make sure your knees do not extend past the top of your toes and keep your back flat. If you can get your squat lower than knee height—that’s great!—but if not, just aim for knee height. The more squats you do, the stronger your glutes will be, so don’t be down on yourself if these are difficult for you at first. It’s all about building up your strength!

Once you are in the proper squat position, straighten up to standing position. Then quickly return again to a squat.

Do 10 squats.

20 Mountain Climbers

Start in high plank position (balancing on your hands, not your elbows). Utilizing your core, pull your right knee to your chest. Return right foot to plank position. Repeat action with left leg.

Do 20 mountain climbers.

10 Push Ups

The classic push up!

Do 10 push ups.

>> Want to see a video of these exercise reps so that you can visualize each exercise?

We gotchoo. Check out this video from our Dallas Iron Fitness Instagram!

[1 Minute Rest]


10 Plank Walks

Plank walks involve alternating between high plank and low plank. Begin in high plank with arms extended and hands directly below your shoulders. Lower yourself—one arm at a time—into low plank, resting on your elbows. Then, return to high plank position, one arm at a time.

Do 10 plank walks, reversing each arm that initiates the transition between low and high plank.

20 Walking Lunges

This is your classic lunge, only you will be walking forward instead of staying in place, so find a space that will allow you to move, like a long hallway.

Begin by stepping forward with your right foot, coming into a 90-degree angle lunge. Do not let your right knee go beyond your toes. Your left knee will hover just above the ground, but will not touch it. Push your right heel into the ground as you bring your left leg forward to return to standing position. Keep your shoulders back and core engaged as you do these lunges.

Do 20 walking lunges, alternating between each leg that you lunge forward with.

10 Tricep Dips

Arm time! For tricep dips, you can use a bench, a chair, or even the floor. For instructional purposes below, we’ll be using a chair. Be aware of your posture in this—you’ll want shoulders rolled back and chest open; do not sink into your shoulders, but keep head and neck straight and shoulders rolled back throughout the entire movement.

You’ll begin as though you are sitting in a chair, except that your hands are using the chair for support. Your hands should be directly below your shoulders onto the chair, and your butt is just in front of the chair, but not using the chair for support. Legs will be bent at a 90 degree angle in front of you. If you want more of a challenge, you can extend your legs straight in front of you rather than bent.

Bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle behind you, lowering your hips to hover above the floor. Be sure that your elbows are doing the bending—your hips should remain static (aka it’s not your hips that are doing the work in this movement, but your arms).

Exhale and straighten back to starting position.

If you’ve never done a tricep dip before, check out this video from the Dallas Iron Fitness’ Instagram!

Do 10 tricep dips.

10 Pulse Squats

You will definitely feel the burn with this one! A pulse squat relies on the same motions as a regular squat, so begin first in your squat position. However, instead of returning to a completely upright position, only straighten up an inch or two, so that your legs are still bent. Return to original squat position—that’s one pulse squat.

Do 10 pulse squats.


Girl, you did it! Continue to make this workout a part of your wedding fitness routine leading up to your wedding, and you’ll feel great walking down that aisle!


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