Live Like A Trainer: Meet Jason Mulvaney

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Welcome back to our Live Like A Trainer series, where we’ll be introducing you to our Dallas Iron Fitness trainers, showing you how they spend their days, what keeps them motivated, and more, so you can apply their healthy lifestyles to your own fitness and health routines!

In our first post, we introduce you to Dallas Iron Fitness founder Kaitlyn Gannon. Did you miss it? Read about what keeps her motivated and more!

Today, we’re introducing you to Dallas Iron Fitness trainer Jason Mulvaney!

1. What does a typical day as a trainer look like for you?

I wake up an hour before my first client to make sure I have more energy than they do. My morning session usually runs up to 10:30, and then I get to started with my own workout.

After completing my workout, I refuel with lunch, and use the rest of the afternoon to plan fun but challenging workouts for my clients.

I teach a couple of classes in the evening during the week, but otherwise I am reading to further my education.

2. When you don't feel like working out or eating healthy, how do you motivate yourself to follow through?

I always think of what a client would think if they saw me slacking off, and that motivates me enough. It is not good enough to have the knowledge, it’s best to lead by example. I have even worked out with a client, if I can tell they are feeling drained or not in the mood. It usually helps both of us to enjoy the workout more.

3. What do you tell new fitness clients who are just getting started with implementing an exercise routine into their life?

Most new clients have a short-term mindset. Although I think short-term goals are important, I think you have to ask yourself, Where do I want to be a year or two from now? It isn't a sprint, it’s a marathon.

4. What's your favorite treat yo'self ritual?

After a few weeks of intense workouts and dieting, there is only one thing that keeps me from going insane: buffalo wings!

5. What's your favorite part about being a trainer for Dallas Iron Fitness?

The people I get to meet. Through Dallas Iron Fitness I have trained cardiovascular patients, and I love listening to what these people have had to overcome. Also meeting talented fitness trainers with different backgrounds and education has been a blessing. The trainers and clients alike have inspired me as much as I have helped them.

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