5 Budget-Friendly Recipes for College Students

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August is finally here (hello, new month!), and college students are getting ready to pack up their cars and head back to campus for another year.

If that’s you, we at Dallas Iron Fitness remember well dorm life, including the many Mac n Cheese microwavable cups consumed during late night study seshes. When you’re limited to just a microwave and a cafeteria meal plan, it can be difficult to eat healthy—or even eat at all when your schedule includes three classes, your part-time campus gig, and your sorority’s weekly meeting.

But it is entirely possible to stay healthy while managing school, work, and a social life!

We’ve rounded up 5 budget-friendly recipes for college students that are easy and good for you!


Cheerios. Honey. Peanut Butter. Yogurt. Chocolate Chips. Coconut. That’s all you need to create these easy energy bites that will last you for the entire week—no baking needed, so you can easily whip it up in your dorm room and stick it in the mini fridge you and your roommate share!



No time to stop by the caf before your 8 am? No need to skip breakfast or opt for sugar-heavy granola bars when you can make an omelette in just minutes! With this recipe, all you’ll need is eggs, lowfat milk or almond milk, and your favorite omelette mix-ins—then you’ll mix it all together, stick in the microwave for one minute, stir, and cook for another minute. Voila—a delicious and healthy breakfast that only took minutes to make!



Sometimes, you just need a break from the caf. But just because you’re living in a dorm doesn’t mean you can’t still make a microwave dinner that isn’t just frozen lasagna. This recipe for Baked Sweet Potatoes with Warm Blackbean Salad is so easy to make and are a budget-friendly and healthy break from your usual caf meals. (And you knooooowwww we love our Tex Mex, so we had to include this recipe!)



Have a craving for takeout but not in the mood to drop $15 on P.F. Chang’s chicken fried rice? We know what it’s like to be pinching pennies as a college student, and we also know that when the craving for fried rice hits, it’s hard to resist. For those students who live in an apartment and have access to a full kitchen, this recipe is for you! And there will be plenty of leftovers for the rest of the week!



This is a recipe of our own making—something we love whipping up when we’re limited on time but still want a filling, protein-rich meal! We begin with frozen, ready-to-cook turkey patties; we prefer to go the route of organic, with no chemical additives. Depending on whether you have a microwave or stove, simply follow the directions on the package for cooking the patty. Then top with your favorite burger toppings—we love a touch of BBQ sauce, feta crumbles, and avocado with a side of sauteed onion and bell peppers. Super easy to make and friendly on the wallet, too! No microwave? You can substitute your veggie sides for some microwavable steamed veggies, or simply go raw—just as tasty!

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