Health FYI

The Unexpected Way You Might Be Sabotaging Your Health

According to a study by the CDC, 30% of Americans get less than the recommended 7 hours of sleep on a regular basis.

And that’s not okay.

Real talk: We’re humans, not superheroes.

In this post, we’re talking about the unexpected way you might be sabotaging your health: not getting enough sleep. We’re going to dig into how a lack of sleep can affect:

  • Your health

  • Your ability to successfully nail your work every day

  • How a lack of it can put your lives and others at risk

We’ll also share with you some tips so that you can begin developing healthy sleep habits.

5 Essential Self-Care Tips for College Students

College is a unique period of your life. You go from a structured education system that you’ve known basically your whole life to then having total freedom: freedom to choose your classes, create your schedule, make new friends, join new clubs. It’s your time to step out as an adult, fresh and ready for what this world has to offer.

College can also be a time of immense pressure and stress. In order to really embrace college life while also taking care of yourself, Dallas Iron Fitness has put together for you 5 essential self-care tips for college students.

Live Like A Trainer: Meet Jason Mulvaney

Welcome back to our Live Like A Trainer series, where we’ll be introducing you to our Dallas Iron Fitness trainers, showing you how they spend their days, what keeps them motivated, and more, so you can apply their healthy lifestyles to your own fitness and health routines!

Today, we’re introducing you to Dallas Iron Fitness trainer Jason Mulvaney!

Our 4 Favorite Fitness Apps

How many of us have sat on the couch scrolling through Instagram only to realize 30 minutes have passed and we’re three years deep into stalking our ex’s new boo?

C’mon, we’ve all been there, sucked into the black hole that is social media apps.

While yes, our phones can hinder us from healthy habits (think of all the things you could have been doing during your 30-minute stalking sesh), they can also be used as helpful tools to keep us on track with our health goals.

Check out our 4 favorite fitness apps!

Live Like A Trainer: Meet Dallas Iron Fitness Founder, Kaitlyn Gannon

What does a day in the life of a fitness trainer look like? Look no further—we’ve got answers for you, dear reader.

Introducing a new series to the Dallas Iron Fitness blog: Live Like A Trainer.

In it, we’ll introduce you to the trainers behind Dallas Iron Fitness, sharing with you how they spend their days, how they stay motivated, and more.

Learn from the people who have made fitness their living!

In today’s post, meet Kaitlyn Gannon, M.S., NSCA-CSCS, the founder of Dallas Iron Fitness.

Running for Beginners: 6 Things You Should Know Before You Lace Up

Running often makes people’s list of health goals, whether it’s to run a mile, run a 5k, run a half marathon, or go nuts and run a full marathon. But becoming a runner isn’t as easy as waking up one morning, throwing on those old tennis shoes you’ve had since college, and pounding the pavement for 5 miles.

When it comes to running for beginners, these are the 6 things you should know before you lace up.