2018 Health Goals

5 Dinner Recipes That Are Quick, Easy, AND Good for You

Did you know that diet accounts for 75% of weight loss? Yep, it’s true. But eating healthy doesn’t mean resigning yourself to salads every day, every meal, for the rest of your life. You can still enjoy delicious foods that will make you feel better. We've rounded up 5 dinner recipes are quick, easy, AND good for you--your body will be saying, "OMG thank you for treating me so well!"

30 Minute Workout for the Exercise Newbie

One of your goals might be to incorporate exercise into your health routine. But you may be new to exercise, so where to start?

Dallas Iron Fitness is here to help—we’ve created this easy 30 minute workout just for all you exercise newbies. The post-workout rush of endorphins will leave you feeling great after this easy 30 minute workout, and you’ll be a step closer (100% pun intended) to reaching your New Year’s health goals!"

Do This Instead: 4 Keys to Meeting Your New Year's Resolutions

As the cycle tends to go each year, come the second week of January, most of those lofty goals we’ve created for ourselves are choked out by the mundane routine and small worries of daily life. Another year of resolutions made, another year of resolutions unmet.

But it’s time to write a different story for our 2018.

At Dallas Iron Fitness, we know that health is often part of your New Year’s goals, and so we’re here with 4 key tips to help you actually meet those New Year’s resolutions this year.