5 Essential Self-Care Tips for College Students

College is a unique period of your life. You go from a structured education system that you’ve known basically your whole life to then having total freedom: freedom to choose your classes, create your schedule, make new friends, join new clubs. It’s your time to step out as an adult, fresh and ready for what this world has to offer.

College can also be a time of immense pressure and stress. In order to really embrace college life while also taking care of yourself, Dallas Iron Fitness has put together for you 5 essential self-care tips for college students.

5 Budget-Friendly Recipes for College Students

At Dallas Iron Fitness remember well dorm life, including the many Mac n Cheese microwavable cups consumed during late night study seshes. When you’re limited to just a microwave and a cafeteria meal plan, it can be difficult to eat healthy—or even eat at all when your schedule includes three classes, your part-time campus gig, and your sorority’s weekly meeting.

But it is entirely possible to stay healthy while managing school, work, and a social life!

We’ve rounded up 5 budget-friendly recipes for college students that are easy and good for you!