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Say No To Bloat: 6 Foods to Decrease Bloating

Bloat isn’t exactly a welcome guest for a day at the beach, but it also makes you feel just downright yucky. And who wants to spend their weekend at the lake feeling like a puffy potato in need of a nap? No thanks, we’ll pass.

But first, some Bloating 101 for you: “Often caused by natural processes during digestion, bloating is typically triggered by the accumulation of fluid or production of gas in the body. However, bloating is not always caused by too much gas, but rather, how the body handles that gas.” (Thanks, Dr. Oz.)

Luckily, there are foods that come in clutch when it comes to fighting bloat! 


Top 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts for Health Inspiration

Not sure if you guys knew, but we’re big fans of Instagram over here at Dallas Iron Fitness (follow us at @dallas_iron_fitness!). It’s a fun space to share photos and encouragement, and we also enjoy following others for wellness tips and inspiration.

Our Instagram accounts are a reflection of who we are, so we like to follow people that will encourage and better us, not bring us down or make us feel crummy about ourselves.

Check out our 5 favorite Instagram accounts for health inspiration!

Creating Healthy Habits: 3 Habits That Are Ruining Your Mornings

As we’ve discussed in our previous posts for our Creating Healthy Habits series, the first step to shaping healthy habits is identifying the unhealthy ones we’ve already formed, and then taking the steps to reframe these into healthier habits.

So in today’s post, we’re pointing out 3 habits that are ruining your mornings and giving you ways to reshape these habits so that you can start your morning right!

6 Ways to Start Your Morning Right

What are mornings like for you? A blur of pressing snooze 8 times before rolling out of bed, throwing on your clothes, and patting your cat on the head while grabbing a bagel on the way out the door?

Friends, there’s a better way. It consists of actually embracing mornings rather than dreading them.

The key to embracing mornings is by creating a morning routine that you actually look forward to. Here are 6 ways to start your morning right.

Lower Your Stress: 4 Ways to Give Your Body A Break

Once you’re in your zone, it’s easy to want to go hard every day to reach your goal. You’re seeing the pounds drop or the muscles grow and all around you’re feeling so much better than you ever have, so naturally you want to keep chasing down those exercise goals every day.

But did you know that rest is just as important as exercise and eating right to keeping your body feeling and looking great?

3 Questions to Ask When Creating Your Fitness Routine

Dallas Iron Fitness exists to help you reach your goals, and nothing tells that story better than our own clients. Give a hearty welcome to our new Client Chat blog series!

And give an even heartier welcome to our client, Stephanie, who has been training with us for 6 months! She’s a 25 year old full-time professional and full-time grad school student living in Dallas, Texas with a baller work ethic and incredibly welcoming and generous heart.

She talked to us about why Heart Health Month is so important to her and more, plus she offers 3 questions to ask when creating your fitness routine.

Creating Healthy Habits: Group Exercise Classes

Just because we’re a month into 2018 doesn’t mean we’re ready to stop talking about our New Year’s health resolutions just yet. At Dallas Iron Fitness, we’re committed to making this your best year yet, and so we’re introducing a new monthly blog series: Creating Healthy Habits. Here's HOW you can build healthy habits and WHY one of those healthy habits should be attending group exercise classes.

Do This Instead: 4 Keys to Meeting Your New Year's Resolutions

As the cycle tends to go each year, come the second week of January, most of those lofty goals we’ve created for ourselves are choked out by the mundane routine and small worries of daily life. Another year of resolutions made, another year of resolutions unmet.

But it’s time to write a different story for our 2018.

At Dallas Iron Fitness, we know that health is often part of your New Year’s goals, and so we’re here with 4 key tips to help you actually meet those New Year’s resolutions this year.