We offer personal training services at Dallas Iron Fitness! Meet your fitness goals with the guidance of expert trainers who will customize your workout plans based on your individual needs.

All Dallas Iron Fitness personal trainers are contract-based and set their own prices. Scheduling and pay will go directly through your personal trainer. You must have a Dallas Iron Fitness membership which can be purchased below.

Or please call 214-244-8008 for more information

Concierge Personal Training

We offer personal concierge fitness training services to individuals in the dallas area.

Let our experienced personal trainers guide you through the right workout plan to meet your fitness goals through our concierge personal training. 

For those local to the Dallas, TX area, we can meet you in your home or apartment complex gym for your fitness training sessions. We offer individual and shared training sessions (because working out is always more fun with a friend).

We’ll match you with a Dallas Iron Fitness trainer based on your preferences. Your first session with your new trainer will be for assessment purposes and free of charge.

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shared sessions PRICING

  • 30 min // $32 per person

  • 45 min // $40 per person

  • 60 min // $45 per person


  • 30 mins // $55

  • 45 mins // $65

  • 60 mins // $90

[Individual rates may increase.]


We want to get to know you so that we can match you with a trainer that best fits your fitness goals! Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.

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